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Language "Bucket List"


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I've made a sort of Language "bucket list" with all the languages I want to learn before I die. So far it looks like this:

Korean - At least semi-fluently in both spoken word and writing

Italian - Fluently

Spanish - Semi-fluently

German - Not fluently, but enough to get by

Chinese - Fluently (I have a feeling this might be a useful skill soon)

At least three of these I want to learn within the next 10 years.

Do you have a language "bucket list" and do you want to share it? Or is there maybe someone here who has already completed their list?

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I'm nowhere close to completing my language bucket list. I just want to learn two of them, besides my first language. I wish I were completely fluent in Spanish that way I can converse with my boyfriend's family with ease. The other language I wish to be fluent in is Japanese. For the longest time, I wanted to go to Japan. So, to be able to at least learn the language and write it fluently will make me a very happy calm.

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This is what my bucket list looks like:

1. Serbian *

2. Romanian * C2  (Mom is Romanian but I never learned the language)

3. English C2

4. Italian C1

5. Spanish C1

6. Russian C1

7. Latin C1 (Only Reading)

8. Mandarin Chinese B2

Hopefully I will be able to achieve this in less than 10 years.

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This is very impressive, actually the one language that I hope to master is French. I find it very romantic. I should set a time frame when I should get it done. I wish you all the very best getting through every listing on your bucket list.

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I speak German, French, English and Chinese so far.

The 'remaining' languages on my bucket list are:

1. Japanese

2. Spanish

If I still got time, I might add some more languages  :grin:

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I have a language bucket list as well but I'm a title loose with it. I would already be content with just being able to speak these other languages with some sort of fluency in a way that I'd at least be understood. I already have learned a second and third language so I consider it a bonus to learn more.

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For now, I am only interested in Spanish and French. My ultimate goal is to master Spanish and be able to communicate at least the basics in French.

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No, I don't really have such a list. All I really want is to continue practicing and perfecting the 5 languages that I have acquired so far. Currently, French is my weakest point. I studied it for 3 years but due to a lack of opportunities to practice it, it somewhat withered, and I have some catching up to do. :)

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My bucket list is... kind of vague right now, haha, but I'll be fleshing it out more when I've made a headway in the languages I am currently learning. I'm a slow learner so I'm not sure when that is, but I'm optimistic and I really want to be a polyglot so...

Right now, I'm focusing on 2 languages because anymore and I can't concentrate. These 2 are:

- Japanese: JLPT5

- Spanish: A2 or B1, not really sure which I fall on hmm.

My future plans are:

- one more European (not really a priority)

- one more Asian (Chinese/Mandarin maybe? Kinda interested for business stuff)

- one with Cyrillic writing

- one from the Mediterranean

- one either from South Asia or the Middle East

My end goal is to learn at least one popular language in every continent, haha.

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Wow! I never thought of that, I did think about the languages I want to learn but not the languages I want to learn before I die. Took few minutes before I’m able to list the top languages I want to learn before I die. My language bucket list would be: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and perhaps basic Chinese. My mom is half Chinese but I never learned the language.

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Besides my English, Norwegian , Swedish ( could need some  top up on the very specific science side) and Danish.

I am currently learning German ( as I forgot most of it and want to be fluent not just bar talk),

Icelandic - needs more work ,and makes it easier to read Old Norse

French  - I am just a beginner

The ones I only know a few words in and want to learn semi-fluent to fluent are :





and these too:

Sami - both north and south Scandinavian type

Aleut or Eskaelut ( Eskimo)





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I've dipped my toe into lots of different languages over the years, being fascinated with their structure and the different ways humans find to communicate - this is probably why I never get fluent in any one particular language as I spread myself too thinly. It's strange how some seem to make sense and others never quite sit right in my brain. Favourites so far are: Hungarian, Russian and Swahili. To answer your question some languages I'd like to learn more about but haven't yet would be:

  • Tibetan - something about the alphabet intrigues me
  • Mongolian
  • Vietnamese - so many vowel sounds :)

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Before my language bucket list starts with French then Mandarin. But I just find it difficult to learn French for two reasons. One was I lacked motivation since I was learning it just because. Second was I really found it difficult because the sounds aren't pronounced as spelt. Mandarin, well, it just fizzled out. Nobody in my family wants to learn it with me. :-(

I've decided now that I should not come up with a list because it can be overwhelming for me. So I'll focus first on Spanish for the simple reason that our language has a lot of Spanish-influenced words. It may be easier for me to learn.  :cool:

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I do have a bit of a bucket list, of course this isn't every language I want to learn(I'd learn them all if I could) but they are languages I'd like to speak fluently first before the others:

1. Japanese

2. Tagalog

3. Spanish

4. Korean

5. Chinese (Cantonese)

6. Russian

7. German

8. French

My hope is that learning all these languages someday will connect me to other languages and thus I will be able to see the world in a more unified way.

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  • 1 month later...

In the next ten years, I'd love to be able to confidently converse in Italian and French. Those are my two favourite languages that I have some knowledge of.

So those are the ones I'd put on my language bucket list. I think that's about all I can manage LOL

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  • 9 months later...

My bucket list changes all the time. Starting another language always sounds like a great idea but right now I'm just too short on time :( It's difficult enough to squeeze 6 languages into my weekly schedule but if I won the lottery / some obscure relative left me a fortune and I had all the time in the world and no daily job, then I'd gladly start to learn one more language.

Some time ago I thought about Arabic, then I changed my mind and decided it would be Swedish. Now I'm thinking maybe Thai? 5 tones, more than 60 letters, cutesy writing - sounds fun and impossible enough :)

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I speak English and Japanese, but I want to further my Japanese knowledge and be able to relax and breeze through magazines and novels without having to look up anything. The next language on my list would be Korean. I know Hangul, but haven't done much to learn more because I always feel guilty for studying Korean when I should be studying Japanese. 

As for non-Asian languages, I think Spanish would be easy to pick up since I had it in high school and university. It'd be cool to subscribe to some Spanish blogs and keep them for reading practice. German would be fun to try to learn if I had the time, but I don't have the motivation right now.

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I am a frustrated polygot and would like to learn the below languages. It's a little bit unrealistic as I don't think I have time at all to learn them all within my lifetime :laugh:

1. German

2. French

3. Hebrew

4. Russian

5. Sanskrit

Nowhere near fluency in any of them but someday...

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Mine right now would be:

1) Japanese - fluent or near fluent (at least in speaking)

2) Chinese - fluent (I already have a good grasp of Cantonese, but I need to brush up on my Mandarin. Also, I don't know a lot of grammar or 'proper Chinese').

3) English (LOL, actually this is my most 'fluent' language, but since becoming a teacher, I've come to realize that there's a lot I don't know. So I'd like to learn even more about this language.)

4) French - conversational level (I studied French for 4 years in high school and basically gave everything back to my teacher when I graduated. I would really like to start studying French again).

5) Dutch - basics

6) Korean - basics

7) Indonesian - basics

I'd also like to learn different Japanese dialects, but that's going to be hard. I'd have to live in that area to learn that dialect. 

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Italian and Spanish are two of the top languages on my bucket list.  Mostly because I think these countries are beautiful and would love to vacation there and speak the languages.  Realistically I think for business purposes Spanish and Japanese are two of the best languages to learn.  I went to a business school where they really emphasized learning Cantonese and Japanese.  However, I think learning Asian and Arab languages for an native English speaker are much more difficult.   

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We all have ambitious plans here :) I'm sorry I can't live to be 300 years old in good health... I could learn so much more then.

But I have to make do with the unknown amount of years that I have and hope reincarnation really exists, so I can come back here and learn some more :)

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I guess I do have a language bucket list ;)     My list would look like this:


Spanish - My native language, but  I'd like to perfect it. Most Spanish speakers don't even write it that well or omit the commas (I omit comas too often out of laziness).  I need to change that. I need to beat some bad habits. 

English - I'm fluid in it, but there is always room for improvement. 

French - Below A1

Dutch - A1

Russian - 0

Hebrew - Veeeery basic.


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You know what's the most difficult thing about the bucket list for me? The sheer grandeur of it :) There's just so much to do, and both my time and money is limited. How do you guys find enough time to dedicate to each and every language? I do my best, but I must admit I don't succeed to study each of my language every single week. I always feel guilty about it later on...

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