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IMO Polls #2: learning habits


IMO Polls #2: learning habits  

36 members have voted

  1. 1. When do you learn your target language?

    • Whenever I feel like
    • Structured or planned for each day
    • Structured or planned for each week
    • Whenever possible
  2. 2. Where do you learn your target language? (Multiple choice!)

    • At home
    • At school (excluding language courses)
    • At work
    • In a language class
    • While driving a car
    • In public transportation
    • In a park
    • In a shop / store / cafe / pub / restaurant
    • At a station (bus/train/metro/tram/boat)
    • Whenever my language partner and/or teacher is available

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The first time learning a new language is always hard, no matter how you look at it, no matter the language, no matter how hard you try, this is the moment everything seems vague to you.
One of the best things I have noticed at Linguaholic is how diverse people here are when it comes to learning a language.
Everyone here has their own opinion on what is best to use and what not.

That's why I started the second opinion poll on this forum: learning habits

What does "IMO" mean?
"In My Opinion".
This is a very commonly used word online to express ones' opinion.

What's the point?
I have seen a lot of topics asking the same question, but I want to centralise this idea in a series of polls.
This way I can easily do a research about how people learn a language.
More polls may follow in the future.
Each poll lasts 2 weeks, so hurry up if you want to participate!

I never learnt any foreign language before, may I join in?
Sure! :)
It's your opinion after all, I'm looking for either new/single language learners, polyglots or even people who don't bother learning a language.
The more different people, the better.

Where can I see the results?
For now, I'll put them on my language blog.
I may as well open a new website just for this (and language tips), so stay tuned.


My results for this poll:
I fill up every possible free moment I have with language learning, even moments as short as 2 minutes.

Therefore, I learn at home, at work, in all public places and whenever my language partner or teacher is available.
I only don't learn it in educational environments (because I don't go to school) and I don't learn while driving a car (because I don't have a drivers license yet).


REMEMBER: keep it fun!
So no insulting arguments if you disagree with someone else.
Constructive criticism is OK

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Can we have an "everywhere" for the second question? lol. I'm studying Japanese and I live in Japan so literally everywhere I go, I'm learning new phrases and words ^__^ 

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I want to start learning from home via some of the free online learning aids from early next year. If I can spare the time, I may also incorporate a few French lessons with my local Alliance Francais. I've never learnt on my own at home before, so I'm guessing it'll take some doing. I've usually gone the traditional classroom route. So we'll just to wait and see. 

I like that last bit on your post about refraining from insulting fellow members if we don't agree with them. I'd actually add to that passive aggression, too :)


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I love it when there is a structure built for my learning like a daily schedule of lessons. Sometimes, I feel like I have to force myself just to meet the said schedule and defeating the purpose of really learning. 

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I was amazed that no one is scheduling learning a language for each day, maybe because people have other obligations and just have no time, or not many people have done the poll.

I prefer to learn my target language every time I get some chance. But mostly, it is at home, from movies, or software. :)

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You have just given me a great idea @pesic87

I must admit I have a pretty tiring schedule - working all day, every day. I have a one year old who never sleeps so trying to make it a formal learning procedure is difficult for me. But saying that you have given me a great idea, however limited my time, to make an effort in being more strict. Maybe stick a note on the fridge each day with something I have to learn. 

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15 hours ago, atanas.velikov said:

Maybe stick a note on the fridge each day with something I have to learn. 

I use Google Calendar on my phone to remind me to one-time appointments (like going to an event for example).
Maybe that's useful for language learning too?

But I honestly never use it for language learning.
I did in the very beginning, but it has become a habit to me. :P

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Wow, looks like a lot of people prefer learning from home. That is interesting, as I thought most people would much rather go to courses where they can have a face to face teacher. But learning from home is perfectly doable, you just have to stay motivated and disciplined.

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No place like home for learning :) Comfortably sitting or even relaxing in bed, with a cup of tea or coffee, a cat on the lap and cosy lights... mmm. My favourite learning place! :)

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Next year, it's possible that I may have to continue my Japanese language classes.  I'll be getting a job soon and it's likely that I will have to enroll in the weekend class.  Of course, while at home, I will supplement my learning with all available online resources at my disposal, in addition to reviewing the lessons I have been given.

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Lol, my answer where: 1) Whenever I feel like it and 2) At home.  So very true :)  I have never been the kind of person who can learn while being outside, like at a cafe or a park,  I suffer from ADD since I was a kid, so concentrating is really difficult for me :P  Before my exam I was studying Dutch daily for as many hours as possible, funny how this has changed.   Ask me again in 3 years ;) 

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