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Improve your English in a fun and interesting way.

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The best way to improve your English is to speak it every day doing real things. Take these idioms into service: Idioms examples

Use the selected quotes, idioms, phrases and expressions. Learn and improve your English skills - Yanglish.com. For example: good morning beautiful quotes for her . These quotes are the experiences of great people, these thoughts are tips from successful and famous.

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Funny "DOG" sayings:

"Every dog has its day"
Said to emphasize that everyone is successful or happy at some time in their life. Even the lowliest will sometimes come to the fore.

"They may not listen to me now, but just wait, every dog has its day."

"Why keep a dog and bark yourself?"
Said when you want to know why someone would do something himself or herself when that person already pays someone else to do it
Don't do a chore that should be done by someone you hired to do it.

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks"
Said to mean that it is very difficult to teach someone new skills or to change someone's habits or character.
Getting people to change their habits or acquire new skills is impossible.

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Thanks for the tips. I would also like to point out that if you watch movies or tv shows or read novels that are in English, you can easily pick up a couple of idiomatic phrases there which in turn, you can imitate as you converse in everyday life.

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Scribendi: World-Class Editing and Proofreading

One of the most interesting things I find about learning language is learning how to use colloquial terms another is contractions. You should always focus on learnin communicative language communicative language is the language that is used by every day people. Usually people will not say lavatory, instead they will say loo or toilet.   Leaning a word "lavatory" is good, but you must know it is better to use loo.

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Head idioms

Put head on the block

to take great risks for someone or something; to go to a lot of trouble or difficulty for someone or something; to attempt to gain favor for someone or something.

"I'm not going to put my head on the block for you - it could cost me my promotion."

"Councillors often have to make difficult decisions, often putting their head on the block."

I don't know why I should put my head on the block for Lily. What has she ever done for me?


Need something like a hole in the head

Used to emphasize that someone has absolutely no need or desire for something

"We need a new shopping centre in our neighbourhood like we need a hole in the head!"

"Extra work? I need that like I need a hole in the head."


Heads will roll

Someone will be severely punished.

"And heads will roll for giving me wrong information."

"When I find out who did this, heads will roll."

"Heads will roll when the principal sees the damaged classroom."

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Heart idioms

Heart in the right place
If someone's heart is in the right place, they are good and kind, though they might not always appear to be so.

Heart in your boots
If you're heart is in your boots, you are very unhappy.

Heart in your mouth
If your heart is in your mouth, then you feel nervous or scared.

Heart isn't in it
If your heart is not in something, then you don't really believe in it or support it.

A heart-to-heart is a frank and honest conversation with someone, where you talk honestly and plainly about issues, no matter how painful.

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Eyes idioms.

  • A fresh pair of eyes
  • All eyes on me
  • Keep your eye on the prize
  • See eye to eye
  • Easy on the eyes
  • Eyes are bigger than one's stomach
  • Pull the wool over someone's eyes
  • In the twinkling of an eye
  • Roll your eyes
  • Scales fall from your eyes
  • Turn a blind eye
  • Up to your eyes
  • Without batting an eye
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The idea is great but still needs to be improved. I also would like to create a mobile linguistic app but cant find a good developer.Can you please recommend any?

I am looking for a freelancer or a company with many positive reviews and an experience in linguistic field. Is it real? What do you think? I read some reviews of Rubygarage (here is the link of their website https://rubygarage.org/services/mobile-app-development)  but still hesitating. 

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I will provide lessons of speaking in order to improve your vocab and accent of English, Russian and Serbian language. 


You will improve your speaking skills and accent in less than 7 days 

You learn real language with Slang and Idioms

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I have a list of questions for each level of speaking (beginner, intermediate and advanced). In every question there is a topic we are going to discuss.

You will improve your vocab through the use of new words and expressions. 

I will also send you some materials including audio files, Microsoft Word documents and helpful exercises written by my own.


I work flexible hours. So, you should contact me before ordering to make an arrangement for the lessons. When we arrange the lesson, the time is fixed and if you cannot attend the class, class will be counted as completed. 

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    • By Felix Brassier
      Être canon
      This is a slang adjective used to describe a handsome or very seductive person. We can refer to this expressions with the weapons ''canons'' or the esthetical rules that were used a lot before in paintings, sculptures and arts in general - ''canons de beauté''
      Être une bombe
      We also say of a very attractive and sexy woman: « c'est une bombe » To be a knockout, to be a bomb
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      Could someone help me with some expressions/sentences I don't understand or don't find the right expression in English? It's needed for a translation project and it's really important! Thank you!
      1. Ca te fait quelque chose.
      2. On va baliser le terrain! Mais il n'y a rien á baliser. (couple at the airport, waiting for their baggages)
      3. Même la crevette elle nous a regardé elle a dit "j'te jure moi aussi j'trouve c'est abusé".
      4. C'est comme ça faut s'y faire hein... 
      5. Elle m'a quitté. Je fait le malin mais c'est moi qui ai pas assuré. 
      6. Moi j'ai des copains ils ont l'air bien avec leur chérie. Je leur dis "tu l'aimes ?" Ils me répondent "vite fait".
      7. Je fais le malin alors que...  qu'elle m'a quité cette fille. 
      8. Ca c'est très français de bouger tout le corps. C'est pas un jugement c'est un constat.  Il y a qu'en france ou il y a des mecs qui disent  "dit donc, faut que j'te dise un truc parce que y'a pas mal de gens  qui au niveau de l'entreprise,  m'ont parlé de pas mal de dossiers. Faudrait que j'ten parle j'ai euh... quand même euh... quelqu'un qu'est sur le coup et puis va falloir qu'on en parle 
      parce que hier c'est vrai que toi t'es venu de l'autre côté euh..."
      9. Y'a qu'en france ou au milieu d'une phrase on peut donner un petit coup de sifflet personne te dit rien. Genre euh... "dit donc, va falloir le faire, les autres euh... y sont là et uuuuiiiiit de l'autre côté. L'autre il répond, il surenchérit même, il dit même pas qu'il... non... "Eh m'en parle pas hier ils étaient carrément uuuuiiit et moi uuuuhuuuu."
      10. Ils matent le steak.
      11. Un mec qui aurait le forfait sommeil quoi. 
      12. Quand tu commences à fredonner des chansons tu sais euh... super anciennes avec l'air vachement habité comme ça 
      et que chaque intro de chanson tu te la prends dans la tête.
      13. Dodelinage (some kind of head movement to music?)
      14. Tu fais le foufu (while dancing)
    • By Tureng Spanish
      Try Tureng English - Spanish bilingual dictionary. Millions of entries, translations, idioms, slangs and terms from medicine to engineering in more than 150 categories. Listen pronunciation in five different accents. Visit us at http://tureng.com/es/espanol-ingles  or just simply click http://tureng.com/ to choose your language pair.  
      Translations are ongoing.
      For daily idioms in Spanish-English
      Follow us 
       Please share your comments with us.
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      Hi everyone, 
      I'm looking for some beautiful Italian love quotes that are grammatically correct and not just translated on Google, I'd prefer some from native speakers with a rought translation. Look forward to learning with you all  
    • By JasleenKaur
      When you refuse listen to what someone says, especially criticism, you brush it off ; you ignore what you told.  
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