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Common German words and phrases

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This is the language I'm currently wanting to study, as my husband is German and can speak it rather well. He's US born, but has studied and is very proud of his heritage. He tells me he loves me in German, and that's what got me started wanting to learn.

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Tchuss - 'bye

Gruss Got - (roughly) God greet you, though it is sometimes used in parting and is as far as I know only used in Bavaria

Einen shunen tag - have a nice day

danke ebenfalls - thank you, likewise

Tsu mitnamen (with a hard "a") - to take away, to go (as at a restaurant)

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Don't mind me correct some of them.

What's for dinner?- Was gibt es zum Abendessen?

Tschüss - Bye

Grüss Gott - God greets you

Einen schönen Tag - Have a nice day

Completely wrong is this: Tsu mitnamen (with a hard "a") - to take away, to go (as at a restaurant)

Correct is: Zum Mitnehmen - to go

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I'm really interested to learn this language, It all started when I went to Germany for holiday. Here are some words/phrases I learned.

Das schmeckt gut    - that taste good

Gute nacht            - good night

Wie geht es Ihnen    - how are you

Guten tag              - good day

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"es tut mir leid" or literally, "it does me pain".

I often feel that when we make our kids say "I'm sorry" it is just this random thing. The kids don't understand. They just think "I have to say this to get out of the situation" but "It does me pain". Now that is real.

If I have acted wrongly towards someone - then it should "do me pain" if I really care.

"alles Gute zu deinem Geburtstag!" - Happy Birthday. I say it to all of the kids.

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Wow! It appears that have decided to simplify learning German. Though I've never stepped into any German class, I now have the idea of how to how to say 'Good Morning' and the most important 'I love you' phrase :smile:

Sadly I don't know whether my proncounciation is anything closer to German let alone the fact that I don't have the idea where some characters are on my keyboard.

Thanks for sharing!

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I'm anticipating a trip to Frankfurt in the coming months.  Would anybody have any common phrases for travelers available?

I live near Frankfurt! Why are you going there?

Relevant words for tourists visiting Frankfurt are:

"Ebbelwoi / Äppler" is the hard cider that is our 'national beverage'; it comes in a "Bembel" (traditional type of grey pitcher with blue decor) and is poured into a "Geripptes" (special kind of glass).

Instead of "Guten Tag" you might hear "Gude", which is an abbreviation and commonly used to say hi. ("Ei Gude, wie?" - Hello, how are you?)

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Entschuldigung: excuse me (used to get through a crowd, if you bumped into someone, etc)

Es tut mir leid: I'm sorry (used for more serious circumstances, a family member has dies, etc)

Alles gute: good wishes, I hope all is well

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