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Let's make up a Story...

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Alberta struggled to swim up and get air, but her efforts were hindered by the dress she was wearing, and she slowly sank deeper into the ocean. The bird before her shined and transformed into a dolphin, picking Alberta up and breaking the surface.

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She managed to breathe like it was the first time she was doing it and she saw her life flashing before her eyes... she was still alive!  :amazed:

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Again the beast roared "that is a hideous dress" in a voice that words cannot describe.  Ironic that something so unbearably disgusting looking could be critiquing her dress!  She looked around for the tiger but he was nowhere to be seen, only the tracks of his huge paws were visible.

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"Alberta...honey....wake up, wake up..."

As she woke up, sun's fresh morning rays were already kissing her cheeks through her window. Her mom stood beside her bed.

As Alberta opened her eyes, she screamed " My God....what a dream this has been..!"

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