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Let's make up a Story...

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I thought we could do a thread where everyone adds one sentence to the story and we'll see how it goes...so add whatever you want!

Here's the first sentence, which I will start in the traditional manner of fairytales:

Once upon a time there was a princess named Alberta Lee.

(ok, so next people can add where she lived, about her family, what she looks like, etc. whatever you want!)

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And trained it as if it was a puppy. After being trained like a house pet, the tiger learned to follow Alberta around the castle. One day, Alberta ventured at the edge of the castle, near the dark forests of doom, curious to know what is scary about the forests.

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...as the flames shot up, lighting the forest, as it was twilight now.  Alberta could hear roaring.  She turned to see that it was her tiger!  He had found his courage again, and returned to do battle with the eldritch abomination...

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The creature of great horror laughed at her question, but his laugh did not sound normal. It sounded as if there were hints of screaming in his timbre, like there were multiple souls aching to be set free from his belly.

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