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"Synonyms" for "to be drunk"

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There must be quite a lot of different expressions for "to be drunk". Let's make a monster-thread and name them all (maybe not all, but all we can think of).

[list type=decimal]

[*]to be wasted

[*]to be smashed


and..and..and..it's your turn now.

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You guys took all the good ones!!

But there are plenty more!  I think there must be dozens still out there...staggering, of course! :) 

Here are a few:


Three sheets to the wind


Dead to the world


On a bender

Feeling no pain

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In British, I notice that "pissed" and "pissed drunk" are more commonly used. This can be confusing for Americans as "pissed" means more like "to be extremely angry with someone".

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In some countries a person who is drunk is described as being "red". The description comes from the change in a person's skin and eyes that occurs when they are drunk. Many people have red eyes when they are drunk or their cheeks and nose turn red. This change is more obvious in people with pale skin but occurs to some degree in all people.

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