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Your Favorite English Accent


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Irish, Scottish and Australian are definitely my favourite accents. It can get hard to understand everything sometimes, but it's just very enjoyable and even funny to listen to.

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It has to be Cockney in my case. My boyfriend is a Cockney boy and I just find it really attractive.  :wink:

Northern accents, especially Scottish, sound interesting too. I used to spend a lot of time with my Scottish friend and I know her accent rubbed off on me!

As a worker in transport, I hear a lot of different accents everyday and it's so satisfying to recognize where people come from.

Oh I almost forgot about lovely accent from Sheffield! That's my new favourite, my new work colleague comes from there and I can't stop listening to her. :)

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Far and away, the English Welsh accent! The Welsh are the only people who can make English sound like music. I do love the British and Australian basic accents as well, but the Welsh one has such a beautiful lilt to it, and I can listen to them all day!

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I like Welsh accents and Australian accents. Only to listen to, I'm not sure if I could handle hearing myself speak like that all the time. Not being racist, of course. I just mean to say that it's nice to hear every once in a while, but I prefer my own accent, thanks (New Zealand).

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I love Welsh, Irish and Scottish accents, because they just have such a beautiful sound and they're so different to the accent in my country (New Zealand). I also really like Cockney accents, just because I really like London and I think they sound really cool. The New Zealand accent is a bit boring...

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I like the British English accent the best, the fancy one. With that accent, even the dirtiest words and sayings sound sophisticated. Of course, I do realize that everyone with a fancy British accent won't turn out to be sophisticated, but it sure helps out with the image.

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I like American accents (I know there is several different accents in the U.S, but I can hardly differentiate them for the most part. I don't have a good ear for accents...)

Accents from other English speaking countries are difficult for me to understand for some reasons. For example I can watch anything on a American TV channel and understand absolutely everything as if it was my native language, but if I do the same thing with a British or Australian channel it all sounds like gibberish to me. I'll only understand every other word if even that.

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I agree with you! I think that Jamaican accent is sooooooooooooooo cool! It just sounds as if they were singing or something, it has quite a melodic tone, so it's really nice.

In general, I'd say Russian. It sounds pretty badass. But, it really depends on who's speaking. For instance, I think Phil Anselmo has a great voice. It's a southern drawl. Also, Neil Fallon, who's from Maryland, Virginia.

I also feel that the Russian accent is amazing. It just sounds so...hard core. It's really wicked how they pronounce words. I feel that they are actually imposing power, you know?

Too bad I kinda have a Mexican accent.  :cry:

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With English being the universal language and the national language of several countries, its no surprise that you'll find a long list of different English accents. From the list below (which only includes some of the more popular English accents) which is your favorite accent, I personally like the English accents of people from Jamaica and Spain.

English Speakers from..

-America (New York)

-America (South)

-America (California)




-England (Cockney)

-England (Standard)

-England (South)

-England (Welsh)

-England (Midlands)







-New Zealand

-The Philippines





(I'm sure there are a lot of others so please don't limit your answers to this list)

Wow, and I thought our Jamaican accent was unappealing. Thanks bro :grin: I like the British and Australian accent. I don't like when there accent is too thick though. I tend not to be able to follow clearly what they are saying.

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I really like the Australian accent, especially when a girl is talking it. I don't know why, but I think it sounding very cute.

I really hate the Britsh accent, I can't stand that at all. It seems like they are overreacting every single word.

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